Studio & Gear

Monitoring.  Speakers.  I LOVE speakers.  The speaker/room interaction is the most important part of a mastering system.  If you can’t accurately hear the music and what you’re doing to it, all the gear in the world and effort with it is a waste of time.  My speakers are bonkers.  They’re made by Revel.  Called the Ultima Salon.  It’s a cheesy name for an incredible speaker.  They’ve been voted both Stereophile Magazine and The Absolute Sound “Loudspeaker of the Year” – they’re actually the *same pair* that won from The Absolute Sound.  I bought them from the reviewer.  How’s that for pedigree?  They’re powered by Bryston 7B-ST amps, giving a healthy 700 or so watts per side.  Exceptional low end, smooth and accurate mids and top that translates perfectly.  It helps that I’ve been tuning monitor systems for years.  They sound really, really good.  To quote one engineer who visited, “These are the first mastering speakers that make sense to me.”

Wanna hear ’em?  You totally do.  They’re awesome.

Mastering gear is fun.  I’ve got it.  I love it.

Analog Compression is by Alan Smart and Rupert Neve Designs

Analog EQ is by Millennia Media and there are a couple other fun analog gadgets in there.

Digital conversion is by Crane Song and Benchmark Media

Digital Processing by Cube-Tec, PSP, Slate, DMG, FabFilter UAD and others when the whim takes me.

Master delivery is available via DDP, WAV and CD