Dwan Hill: Very, very snappy. Mastered here, video-ed….over there. Tots favs.

I really just put “Tots favs” in a post.  I might need to be punched in the neck, but it just cracks me up.  Hate me if ya wanna.


Do ya know Dwan Hill ?  He’s maybe a genius.  I think so.  Dude is inventive beyond twice his years.  I can’t fathom what he’ll be doing in 20.  I do REALLY hope I’m still the dude mastering them then, ’cause I think the guy is an out of control monster of creativity and quirk with knowledge and mastery of many genres.  His album will tour you through Motown, vaudville and James Taylor’s living room.  Love the dude.  You will too if you know what’s good for ya.

Here’s a link to his Facebook page.  It’s got lots of interesting stuff in it.

Here’s the video for “He” – ya’d think it was done when Starsky & Hutch were on after CHiPS.

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