Mastered Here: Spoken – “Through It All” (Video) – This Rocks Socks

Spoken-CoverWhat can I tell ya.  I love the heavy stuff – if it has a good melody, riff and kick drums, I’m a goner.  I mastered the new album from Spoken a few months ago – it’s finally out and rocking heads off with a tidy balance of all these things.  Jasen Rauch produced it.  He’s pretty awesome.  Ainslie Grosser mixed it.  He rocks too.  The first single is currently #2 on the Radio & Records Christian Rock Chart.



Here’s the video.  Utilize that volume knob/slider/clicky thing you use to make rock louder.  Also click on the little gear in the corner to get the HD version.  YouTube swishy cymbals are no bueno.



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