This Is What I Sound Like. 1008 Examples, Right Here For Ya.

imageHey, happy day!  Hope you’re having a good one.  Maggie, aka SubWoofer No.1, says hi too.  I’m currently processing mixes for a live show, so it’s a very long record time, giving me a moment or three to ramble on while marking clicks and pops for removal once the sounds are set.  Exciting, yes, I know.  I’ve also had a cup of coffee that almost inspires me to misspell “nuclear” in it’s description, so I’m possibly a bit chatty.

Anyway, I just got off the phone with a new friend and client who knows of me from work I did on a record he worked on 7 or some crazy number of years ago, but he has better things to do than track down any amount of stuff I’ve worked on since then.  So I figure it’d be nice to have a collection of stuff I’ve mastered, crossing pretty much all the genres I work in, that someone, say a Spotify user, could….you know….check out.  So hey.  Look.  Here’s a Spotify playlist of 1008 songs I’ve mastered.  It’s got a lot of genres and is in no way complete, but it’s certainly enough to get a feel for my goods and I update it from time to time.  Maybe you wanna check ’em out.  It covers all the flavors I’m good at.  I dare ya to listen to them all.

Stuff Dan Shike has Mastered

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