Out Today (and freakishly good): The Aristocrats: BOING! We’ll Do It Live!

The Aristocrats.  What a band.  Today they release “BOING! We’ll Do It Live! At Alvas Showroom” for your “heavy on the notes” consumption.  These guys are bonkers.  Thick on groove and heavy on tone.  Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller and Marco Minneman (Guitar, Bass, Drums, respectively) are at “as good as it gets” level.  When they play together, it’s a choir of crazy awesomeness with no voices.  They feel what’s going on between them and it’s effortless.  They have a little musical quote in there that makes me laugh every time I hear it.  It also sounds pretty nice, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  I totally say so myself.

This is the second “The Aristocrats” album I’ve done, (the first being the studio recordings of lots of what’s on this set) and I’ve also mastered a couple other productions that Bryan has produced.  He’s got a keen ear, unmatched diversity and is one of those guys that makes ya want to do the extra bit, because it’s AWESOME.  And of course, I do the extra bit.  I’m the extra bit guy.  Whaddywant.

They have a slick deluxe set that has a two CD set of the show, a DVD with stereo and surround of the show (no surround mastering from me…only the stereo stuff…for now…muahhhhahahah)  There’s some none deluxe stuff too.  Don’t bother with that.  You want the extra goodness.  Get the deluxe set.

Hey!  Look!  A video taste of the show!  Watch it!

Tons more info, of course, can be found at The Aristocrats Website and at their facepagebooktubescreen


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