Out Now: Owen Thomas – “Languages.”

Dig this one.  Owen Thomas, formerly the dude driving the bus (not actually a bus driver) for The Elms, has a new album out this week that was, of course, mastered by this guy right here.  (I mean me.)  It’s been produced by Owen and his long time friend and former The Elms guitar playerizer, Thom Daughtery (who also recorded and mixed this record) over the last year or two, and there’s a bucket load of content with it.  He’s got lyric videos and all kinds of stuff.  It’s a very cool record with a number of vibes in a package that still fits together.  Very fun stuff.  I don’ t mind saying that I think it sounds KILLER.

Here’s one.  You should watch it.  Use the HD – it sounds better.

There’s a ton more music to be had at his website, RIGHT HERE, his facebook is HERE his twitter is HERE his Soundcloud is HERE if ya want it…geez.  Dude has links for weeks.  I’m done.  Got some Winter Jam to finish.

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