Streaming Free This Week: Stages and Stereos “Anchorless” EP

I’ve carried on here previously about the Stages and Stereos EP that I recently mastered…you may recall.  Well, check this.  The guys are streaming it for free this week at their page.  You can dig on it right HERE.  A little rock for your ear holes.  These are the guys I blathered on about in this BLOG POST about being grabbed by the lyrics.  Seriously.  Dude had his leg blown off by and IED and only survived because he happened to be running.  His story is better than….almost anyone’s.  And it’s in their song “Pressure Under Fire” – you really should check it out.

Also, check out their facetube HERE, their Tweetmachine HERE and the dude behind the sounds, my long time buddy Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recording – my man knows some underground.

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