Out Today: Rio Ville – “Good Morning Dreamer” – You didn’t see this coming from Nashville

I’ve been talking on and off about a project I’ve been working on all summer.  Well.  It’s out today – and it’s good.  I love it.  I listen to it for fun.  It’s available for your steering pleasure (who knows what that’s from?) at The Smoking Section.  They talk a bit about it too.  You should definitely check it out if you’ve got a minute and like inventive music.  He runs the bases of narly hip hop, smooth old soul, acoustic love man and some stuff that’s just not much like anything else I’ve heard.  It’s good fun.  Dig it.  He’s got the FacePage there and the Tweet thing as well.  He’s also just about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.  That goes a long way doesn’t it?  Sure gets your mastering guy on board with the InterFlogging!

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