Mastered Here: Ben Wells – Country That Rocks

There’s something happening here.  What it is ain’t exactly clear.  I’ve been doing country records.  Cool ones.  I used to do two country records a year, and now I’ve done five in two months.  Apparently I’m good at it.  The really cool bit?  Most of them are out of towners.  Not the Nashville set.  (Not sure I’m fancy enough for those cats.  They’ll know soon enough.)

Ben Wells is one of those out of towners.  Georgia baby.  Land of my smokin’ hot wife and my new fandom of UGA football.  (I think I’m supposed to make a woofing noise now.  Not doing it.  I’m from Indiana and I’m stubborn.)  The south of the south.  This goodness was mixed by my long time long distance producer/engineer buddy Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recording in Valdosta, GA.  Lee’s got serious rock, punk and hardcore skills, and his heavy pedigree mixed with Ben’s rockin’ country songs has made something very, very cool.  The new single, “Get Down” is getting some serious love from That’s Music To Me blog.  Read the review here.  The single is out on September 11.

I’ll totally tell you all about it then too.  Howyalikemenow?

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