Light The Night – Help Fund Research for Leukemia & Lymphoma

Want to help some people?  Join us.  My awesome wife, Meg, the unending energy source behind Meg Shike Fitness, and I are on a team to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  It’s called The Light The Night Walk.  We’re part of a team of people raising funds in memory of Hayden Weaver.  Hayden’s brother, Izzy, has inspired us to pitch in.  We love Izzy and his endlessly upbeat attitude toward everyone and everything.  So we’re supporting him and working to raise enough money to reach our team goal of $10,000.  We’re half way there.

If you’d like to help raise money and walk with us, contact me and we can get it sorted.  It’s an easy two-mile walk in a laid back atmosphere in downtown Nashville.  There may possibly be a beverage at a local…beverage place before the stroll begins.  There will be patients, families, supporters…survivors…kids in wagons…I hope to be pulling some of them to use of the Meg Shike Fitness Power that I’ve gained over the last two years.

If you’d like to make a cash donation, tax-deductible, of course, you can go to Meg’s Light The Night Page right HERE

Blood cancer research is expensive.  Many other cancer treatments end up benefiting from the research of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation, which is nice.  The LLF also give real cash money to people who are stricken with this often surprise of a disease to help with bills, food, and maybe just taking a deep breath, knowing that there are people who care that will help.

There will also be balloons.  With helium in them!  I’m going to leave some voice mails!

Ohhhh….one other thing.  There is a silent auction going on that will get the buyer quite a deal on a bit of mastering.  Might be interesting if you’re a music type.  Just a thought.

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