A Little Room Tuning Anyone?

I went over to my man Sean Moffitt’s studio today.  He’s had a bit of a subwoofer casualty, like ya do, and his KRK has become DED.  Well.  Dead.  Whatever.  Time for an upgrade!  He headed out and grabbed a couple new tasty subs and I headed over with my trusty room measurement gadgets to line ’em up and get the crossover set right and all that good stuff.  Easy job as those things go since he already had a setup rockin’ pretty well with the old sub.  Now he’s got them off to the sides, symmetrical like, and we tweaked the crossover to get a little more chest thumpy goodness out of ’em.  Having two now is much better.  Bollocks to whatever anyone else says, you can hear a sub off to one side of a stereo pair.  Having a sub on each side of the speaker setup makes for a more solid center image.  So there.  They can be a little more complicated to set up, but I think it’s worth it.  Honorable mention to having one sub right in the middle.  That’ kinda causes another problem to deal with though.  It all depends on the stuff that depends.  No two rooms and speaker setups get the same treatment.

Time to hang with the wife.  Saturday and football.  Beer:30 methinks.

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