Week End Buffet of Sound


Well how much fun has this turned out to be?

The last couple days have been such an unexpected good time.  An acoustic folk band called Robinson that barely even exists yet, but they’ve got three really killer tunes that sounded amazing, and they really made me feel good.  How often does work make you feel good?  All real, and very cleanly recorded with some pretty delicious low end.  Also a happy producer to go with them.  Right now I’m working on an EP for a band called 3 Car Pile up.  Indie rock with some dirt smeared on it.  A little fuzzy here and there.  Mixed by a drummer, so you know it’s hittin’ proper style.  Kinda reminds me of Silversun Pickups a little bit.  Nice one Paul.  Earlier today I had a Christmas tune for Dara Maclean, which sounds awesome, a rocker for Undeserving, which was full of vibe, dynamics and thump and a Christmas single for Brigitte Donoho.  I don’t even have lights up yet.  Whoops.  Through all that I’ve been getting the system for verifying Mastered for iTunes stuff rockin’ for Monday.  Of course, I need to go buy some more wires.  Awesome.


Also.  Football has started.  Go Steelers.

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