Hi there.

You should have your record mastered here. You’re gonna love it. Whatever style you’ve got, I can give it the polish and finish that it needs to really come to life.   You’ve put a lot of work into your record.  I’ll treat your baby right.

What you will find here is killer gear, including a full featured Magix Sequoia 13 mastering workstation, exceptional monitoring from Revel and Bryston, both analog and digital signal processing for the best of both worlds, and a laid back approach to great sound.

Over the last 15 years I’ve turned out hundreds of albums, dozens of charting singles and a stack Dove and Grammy nominated projects.

Navigate through the site.  Make some cool music.  Send it here.  Let me help you sound better.  It will be easy.  I will make sure you love it and you will always get me.  No assistants.  No lackeys.  Always me.

Thanks for spending a minute.  Email me if you want with the form below, or have a look around and see what’s going on.

Thanks for reading all of this.